Whenever you look at a three pointed star on the bonnet of a car you recognize that it is a Mercedes you are glancing at. Likewise, you understand how do the logos of other car manufacturers appear. But did you know several of these logos have a chronicle and tell a narrative in their own particular method. Let’s look into some well-known car logo design with a chronicle and a deeper sense than simply giving the car manufacturer an identity.

Mercedes Benz

The most well-liked and rapidly renowned logo of all is the three pointed star of Mercedes, which represents the organization's dominance of air, land and sea.
Furthermore, Mercedes is a Spanish girl's name meaning 'grace'. An Austrian entrepreneur, Emil Jellinek had a daughter with the similar name in 1889. Jellinek raced quicker and more influential vehicles created by DMG, in 1899, under his alias Mercedes. 


One more attractive logo is that of BMW, which used to create military aircraft engines in the World War. The logo symbolizes a rotating white propeller blade opposed to the blue sky. The tale goes like so: BMW was a main provider of aircraft engines and aircrafts such as the Red Baron to the German government. But the Agreement of Versailles prohibited Germany to create aircrafts and BMW had no choice but to alter its business. The corporation first ventured into creating railway brakes beforehand creating motorized bicycle, cars and motorcycles. 


The logo of American car creator Ford is plain and the font is its best part. This font was utilized by Harold Wills, who was a close partner of Henry Ford. As a youngster, Wills used to imprint business cards to make money. When his acquaintance Henry Ford required a logo for his corporation Wills pulled out his ancient imprinting set and used a font that he had utilized for printing cards as a youngster.


Car logo design mirrors the tastes of its creators like the wild bull in car creator Lamborghini's logo. The creator of the corporation Ferrucio Lamborghini venerated bull fighting and selected this for his car corporation.
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