If you are a graphic designer then you probably knows what are the three major types of business logo designs commonly used but in case if you are an entrepreneur, running a small business or a huge firm or a conglomerate and you want to get a brand mark identity done then this post is definitely for you.

There are many types of business logo designs being used by thousands of professional graphic designers but I selected the three top most designs which we will be discussing in this article with much details so that next time when you are confused in the selection, this article can guide you get out of this problem.

Three commonly used types of corporate identities:


This type of a logo design seeks to deliver an up to the point concept of a company to the viewers in a glance. If you are small business owner who deals with a single line of product then you can use descriptive form as the best of expression as it is narrow, specific and to the point but at the same time it looks complete and descriptive. Designing such brand mark can be difficult for a graphic designer as he has to cover all the aspects a single product in a logo.


Symbolic designs often called as abstract design concepts are mostly preferred by companies doing business on a large scale and thus have to reflect every service and product they are serving to their target audience. An ideal example of symbolic design will be of Nike’s corporate identity that has a simple swoosh in it.


Typographic design logo web also called as logo types are preferred by those companies who want to use their company’s name in their brand marks especially when the name exhibits the whole concept of a company for e.g. Ford Motor Company.

Hence, if you are confused about what type of brand mark you should go for then the above ideas will be very useful for you.