You want a high quality logo design but you can’t afford it. This is what every business owner is thinking today, especially the small ones and startups because for them every penny counts. On the other hands, big companies have enough at stake to be invested in their brand mark identity.

Logo design price may vary from company to company, from low to high quality and from online to local companies. The three major influencing mechanisms are now in front of you which will be discussed in a bit detail.

1-From company to company:

Dine out in five star hotels would be much more expensive than eating in a local nearby restaurant. Similarly, getting a brand mark from a high profile Graphic Design Company would cost you much more than a company working on a low scale.  Apart from this, there are companies who offer different price and packages to cater every client’s needs. They can offer you as low as 59$ to maximum 1499$. You can select anyone depending on your requirements.

2-From low to high quality logo design:

You want quality; you have to pay the price. That’s the rule of thumb!  For instance; you might pay the price more if you want to use it on various marketing and advertising mediums because often, low quality designs turns blurry when resized.

3-From online to local companies:

It is difficult to run a local establishment than an online one. An office physically located has to take care of many factors including rent, bills, payrolls and fixtures. This is why; they will offer you higher logo design package as compared to an online design company. Therefore, going for an online company is much better than the rest.

Hence, based on the above analysis, you can also get an idea on how much you have to spend in your future brand mark identity.