The first and foremost important rule of making architecture logo designs is simplicity. The simpler the symbol, the easier it is to apply it in the business. Complex symbols bring about a lot problems, problems relating to printing, formatting, and much more.
A simple symbol would be easier to incorporate across the broad spectrum of our work, especially where the size of the symbol could be anywhere between 2 cm² and 10cm². We also felt that by keeping the symbol drawing simple, it would be easier to remember. We liked the idea of keeping the elements of text and icon separate so that they could be used together or on their own. It is good idea to incorporate the text in the image, but if you keep both the elements separate, you can apply them separately if you want to.

Media formats pose a lot of problems for the brand mark makers. And when you are an architect, your brand mark is image is used to be applied in both the formats, digital and hard copy formats. The drawings, corresponding, web site and pages, visiting cards, banners, posters, pamphlets, etc.  So in order to avoid the same issues in our drawing, we decided that we will set a standard for everything and go by it to avoid confusion and future troubles, which would be unswerving across the board.

Your architect logo drawing should be a moderate one, not too fashionable and not too outdated. Most importantly, you should concentrate on making a timeless brand mark. Whatever drawing or elements you are using, make sure that these elements will survive for many years to come, that it can easily blend in any new fashion that comes by, that it will not be obsolete by the passing time. These are the basic ways of attaining success.
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