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What Are The Traits Of Signage In A Car Wash Business?

Posted by Logo Design on Thursday, November 8, 2012, In : small business, graphic design 
Shape – Employ unusual designs or shapes when probable. The days of square and rectangular symbols are olden in my view. If you are limited by resources or local symbol laws ensure that the design of a customary rectangular or square symbol. This could be done via expert artwork, shades or other design characteristics. Symbols come in numerous shapes, sizes and features. There are backlit signs, wood carved signs, architectural signs, LED signs and jumbles of all of the over.

Size – Most c...

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Advertising Your Car Wash Company

Posted by Logo Design on Thursday, November 1, 2012, In : small business, graphic design 
A car wash advertising tool created for the business-to-business financial records. The SWIPE-N-CLEAN has an exclusive method of advertising to business financial records.

Quick Card

Identical to the MAIL-A-CARD agenda, the Quick Card is essentially the identical direct mail program, but you provide the database. The other dissimilarity is that you only have to buy a least amount of 1500 postcards. Because this program is on a lesser scale, it’s quicker to get out, therefore the name, Quick C...

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