Even though a girl dreams of becoming a bride since she is a very little girl, as the time of her marriage draws near, she gets cold feet and uncomfortable. Even bridegrooms get nervous before marriage. There are so many particulars that the pair has to plan that instead of enjoying the experience, they start to fear it.

The simplest way to make a decision on the motif of the marriage is to make your own wedding logo monogram which will not only make it extraordinary and discrete but will also provide the overall motif to the entire ritual. This will cut down your work.

To make the symbol look even better you can also add a small image to the design. You could use the little wedding bells and ribbons along with the initials, butterflies or doves to incorporate a little more creativity to the design. If you are going for a custom wedding logo then this will not be your job. But if you are designing your own monogram, then you can get plenty of images and symbols online. But the image must be relating to the event otherwise the purpose of the brand mark won’t be accomplished.
When it comes to colors, you must use lively colors that make the brand mark look real and three dimensional. You should such colors that relate to your personality and describe both of you as a couple. If you are courageous and valiant as a duo then you can use a sinister shade like red, if you can be characterized as soft and tender then use a shade that speaks about that, like pink or champagne color. Don’t be terrified to experiment with new color combinations. Try different shades till you get the most interesting combination of all. 

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