Being a designer I understand the importance of a brand mark very well. And I know what it significance it holds in carrying the name of the restaurant forward. A brand mark is a visual representation of the brand title; it gives an image, or a face, to the customers that they can remember. Even if the name of the place slips out of their minds, they can still remember the brand mark and recognize it if they see it somewhere.

Designing an Italian food logo is not an easy task and it requires a lot of brain storming. It begins with the name of the restaurant. The name should be able to tell the specialty of the restaurant. With the name, comes the brand mark illustration. The main purpose behind designing a brand mark is to convey the message of the restaurant to the customers, to entice them and take them in to confidence so that are forced to visit the place and experience the ecstatic taste and environment for themselves.

Good food logo can be textual, where you just write the name of the restaurant in an innovative way. Or you could choose a symbol to represent the name. It is a very good idea if your symbol is one of the ingredients of your special dish. Or it could be any spice that is common to all the Italian dishes. It could be a mushroom, or may be olives? The image should be relating to the type of food the restaurant is offering. If you are dealing in pizzas, then you could use the illustration of a happy looking chef who is carrying a large pizza in his hand, or you could use a slice of a pizza. This would tell the customers that your restaurant is offering pizzas. 

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