You are very true about the cost effective freelance logo designers but have you ever wondered why they are offering the same kind of hard work and expertise that a professional graphic design company does in such a low price?
The answer is so simple and that is, a logo designer you are hiring might be inexperienced, amateur or a FRAUD!


If he is inexperienced, he would definitely like to add a shine in his portfolio by working for clients’ free lance. That way, he will not only gain experience but trustworthiness as well. He will be able to join a professional graphic design organization as well in future but for this, he will have to start it from a very low price so as to gather attention.


He has just completed his graphic designing course, He has no experience so he want to try his hands over those small business owners who doesn’t have the experience of handling people as well. So at the end of the day, business survives. Amateur graphic designers are no way a good idea for those business owners who are much serious about their business representation, whether its in a form of a corporate identity or anything else.


The rate of online fraud has been drastically increased in the past few decades. Therefore, clients have been extra wary about their decision regarding online shopping. You can expect online frauds from freelance logo designers online as well. On the other hand a credible professional graphic design company will think twice of risking their online reputation.

Hence, the preceding three disasters can happen to you as well if you opt for a freelance graphic designer. A piece of advice is that, if you really want to hire them in spite of the above told known problems, then you should conduct an extensive research on them.