What happened when you last drew your logo design image on a bitmap?

Obviously you ended up on nothing… that happens when:

1-One doesn’t know what are the basics of logo designing
2-One doesn’t know which software he/she should use to get his brand mark identity

You are new fish in this business world; therefore, you don’t want to spend your money on this little piece of graphical representation. You want to get it done on your own, at first, you thought of bitmap but all you hard work was sent down the drain. That happened because you didn’t know what are the different softwares that you can use for logo designing?  Photoshop is the answer to your question.

Lets compare them both:

1-Logo psd files comes with so many features from layers to channels to millions and trillions of color schemes etc.

2-Bitmap can offer you much feature such as it is just based on simple pixel based drawings.

3-Files created on psd file extension can be converted to any file format including TIFF. PNG, BMP etc.

4-Logo bmp files can only be converted to regular file extensions like JPEG, JPG or GIF.

5-Files created on Photoshop supports every image mode from RGB to LAB to Duotone.

6-On the other hand, paint bitmap only supports RGB colors with 1, 4, 8 and 24 bits per channel that is very low for a professional graphic designer.

Thus, what I feel is that a bitmap paint software can be the best option for kids who want to participate in their school painting or drawing competition while Photoshop will do best for the graphic designers who want to play with colors, images and symbols to come up with an exclusive brand mark identity.