Cool animal logos derived from wild life creatures, and their expert and innovative application in the design, makes the design easily recognizable and memorable for a long period of time. It becomes an inspiration to many other designers and companies, and an appeal to all the viewers and the users. Such designs carry such symbols with them which are identified universally, such as, Polo, Greyhound, and NBC are those popular names whose business icons can be identified anywhere in the globe.

The world of internet has made our work so much easier. There is a pool of ideas for you when it comes to designing. You can refer to many designs online and come up with an idea of your own. Furthermore, you can also get illustrative images of animals that you can apply in your design.

Using the whole creature is not necessary. You could also use only prominent features of the creature. Such as, whiskers of a mouse, eyes of a cat, wings or claws of an eagle, etc. The illustration should be perfect in every sense of the word. It should relate to your business and its nature. The features of the creature should be able to relate to the company name and also describe the nature of the business.

For instance, if you are using a horse, then the company should be having those qualities which are characteristic of a horse specifically, like speed, loyalty, freedom, and grace. The qualities and features of the creature and your business should be very similar. Otherwise the illustration would go wrong and your business mark design would fail immediately.

Therefore, take great care while using wild life illustrations for brands with animal logo. Take as many ideas from other designs as you can. You can get millions of them online.

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