Look around on internet you will find millions and trillions of logo design website around out of which some looks worthy of visiting while some doesn’t. What could be the possible reason for this? The only thing which matters is a perfect presentation of a website. The poor designing of a website leads to such a mishap. Therefore, one must consider the following elements during the design process:

1-Home page:

The heart of a logo design website, it is the most crucial part of a website. Therefore, extra amount of hard work and attention is invested in this page. Home page is where the whole website begins. To put it differently, it is where a person lands when visits a website.


It is the best thing to show the best of you. For a graphic designer, it becomes utmost important to have a logo design portfolio on their website to show what they are made of.

3-Price and packaging page:

Another most crucial thing is the price and package page where you will provide different pricing for your clients. They will choose any one out of them depending on their pocket.

4-Contact address:

IT is the place from where a client will contact you. Sometimes, 24 hours online assistance is offered as well and sometimes a form is given.

5-Order form/ creative brief:

You logo design website cannot survive without a creative brief form especially if you highly depends upon online business. Creative brief should contain all the information which you will be required to design a logo.


When customers are happy with the results of your logo design firm, they often send a testimonial in which they have to say good things about the company. This is good to boost up the level of credibility.