Can you get your corporate identity for free that might turn into a big brand recognition device tomorrow?

Well, a free logo creator can give you that advantage but can you digest the idea of getting it for free or they are being deceptive? Free is the word that comes with every website today, that wants to attract consumers, no matter they are serving anything for free or not.

In such an economic downturn, where nobody is even getting a job, how could someone give you anything for free especially when it is about getting a brand recognition device – A logo design!

If you don’t believe me, you can Google various free log creators online. You will be bumped into never ending flash driven websites. Download and see what this software is offering you. You might be eventually asked to pay a minimum of 39$, 49$ or even 99 $ to use the software.

Can anybody even imagine, they are paying a price to get clipart compositions which they can get for free? Get it online or from word or PowerPoint easily. That is funny, isn’t it?


Just to grab the attention and traffic, they use this word. Smart people uninstall the application at once but people who only think they are smart get trapped in it. it could make sense, if the maker renders some creativity but when it is only about low quality clipart composition, why on earth someone should pay the price. Furthermore, the long term damage it can do to your business is unprecedented.

Therefore, we can write a 100 pages book on the demerits of free logo creator online but this post should be enough to turn your minds.