Look around to find out various logo designs that look extremely ordinary, lacking finesse and polish. How that possible? There may be many reasons for it, including both identifiable and unidentifiable. Lack of professionalism and experience is one of those. The one which I found to be totally disastrous is free logo design makers.

They are free to use, sometimes very cheap and easy. Nothing could be better than this for a busy business owner like you but have you ever wondered how anything could be for free in such competitive crowd where everybody means business.

There might be many reasons for this out of which let me tell you the two of them:

1-Unique factor:

If you create a logo design from software that is being used by millions of people in the world, how on earth would you get a unique result from it? As per the definition of unique,” A thing that stands alone in the world or that is incomparable with any other object”. Therefore, how could that be possible with software that is itself being use by so many people out there?

In contrast to that, a professional will deliver a unique brand mark identity no matter what because he is not being used by any other small business owner.
2-Lack of creative freedom:

Free logo design software is no way a human therefore; it won’t posses any creativity and won’t dig out something out of the world for you. It will depend on already stored pre fabricated templates and thus, always render you with something that is below average, ordinary and often a repeated idea.

In contrast to that, a professional will have a creative freedom to draw what he thinks is suitable and is in accordance with your wishes and requirements.
Hence, read out the preceding differences which will clearly demonstrate the drawbacks of getting a corporate identity for free.