Would you be able to use your logo design if I deliver you it in a format which is not supported by any web browser and software? No!

This is why, it is important to gain knowledge and information about every new thing you are about to do. There are thousands of logo design file formats that are often preferred by professional graphic designers but now, they tries to opt for those that are easy to handle and user-friendly like  EPS and GIF.

Logo. eps is a widely used format which stands for  encapsulated post script. It is an easy to use file format that is supported by almost every software and browser.  It is also preferred when one wants to convert the file into another web application.  Furthermore, the level of scalability it provides is incomparable with any other file formats.

Another file format that we pointed out much earlier in this article was GIF that is the graphic interchange format. Who doesn’t know about this logo gif because there is no web browser on earth that doesn’t support it?  It renders such a low resolution that no software and browser minds supporting it. Moreover, it also provides a unique compression scheme to keep the file size minimum to be easily handled by the various web applications.  This file format supports only 8 bits that are limited to 256 colors or less. Therefore, such a simple usages makes it available for every kinds of software.

Hence, you will find other file formats as well that are preferred by contemporary graphic designers like TIF, PDF, PSD etc but I think, the preceding ones are the best examples. So if you are a graphic designer than you can use them to make things not only easier for yourself but for your clients as well.