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Major Disadvantages Of Hiring A Freelance Logo Designer!

Posted by Logo Design on Monday, May 30, 2011,
You are very true about the cost effective freelance logo designers but have you ever wondered why they are offering the same kind of hard work and expertise that a professional graphic design company does in such a low price?
The answer is so simple and that is, a logo designer you are hiring might be inexperienced, amateur or a FRAUD!


If he is inexperienced, he would definitely like to add a shine in his portfolio by working for clients’ free lance. That way, he will not only ...
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6 Things You Should Expect From An Online Logo Designer

Posted by Logo Design on Thursday, May 26, 2011,
What to expect from an online company logo designer?

There are many things that you should consider before going for online graphic designer. This article will pinpoint those important points that you should take care of:

1-You must expect a well designed website from them. Furthermore, it should be as informative as possible because for a visitor this is the only place from where he can get information about you.

2-You must expect them or him to be an excellent communicator. If he is not able t...
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How To Influence People Through A Logo Design Website?

Posted by Logo Design on Monday, May 23, 2011,
Look around on internet you will find millions and trillions of logo design website around out of which some looks worthy of visiting while some doesn’t. What could be the possible reason for this? The only thing which matters is a perfect presentation of a website. The poor designing of a website leads to such a mishap. Therefore, one must consider the following elements during the design process:

1-Home page:

The heart of a logo design website, it is the most crucial part of a website. Ther...
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How To Make The Most Of Logo Design Firms?

Posted by Logo Design on Thursday, May 19, 2011,
What are the benefits of hiring a professional graphic design service?

What can I get by paying such a big amount of money?

Will I get a return of my investment?

You are going through the same horn of dilemma where you are not able to decide which way to go to get your unique brand mark identity with ease. You must know now what the advantages of hiring logo design companies are.

You will get:

A professional business identity:

Each and every graphic designer working in a company is a professional;...
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Free Logo Makers- Are They Worth It?

Posted by Logo Design on Monday, May 16, 2011,
Is free logo maker a good idea to give a kick start to your business? If you are a start up business owner, you might find this option very attractive and feasible but have you ever wondered, where will you be in next five years? What will be your market position? 

You will be either drowned and won’t be able to establish a unique business image in the crowd of so many businesses. If you keenly observe, you will find out various defects that it may bring in for your business. What will you d...

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Drawbacks of a free logo design software

Posted by Logo Design on Wednesday, May 11, 2011,
Look around to find out various logo designs that look extremely ordinary, lacking finesse and polish. How that possible? There may be many reasons for it, including both identifiable and unidentifiable. Lack of professionalism and experience is one of those. The one which I found to be totally disastrous is free logo design makers.

They are free to use, sometimes very cheap and easy. Nothing could be better than this for a busy business owner like you but have you ever wondered how anything c...
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Free logo Creator – Is It Really Free?

Posted by Logo Design on Saturday, May 7, 2011,
Can you get your corporate identity for free that might turn into a big brand recognition device tomorrow?

Well, a free logo creator can give you that advantage but can you digest the idea of getting it for free or they are being deceptive? Free is the word that comes with every website today, that wants to attract consumers, no matter they are serving anything for free or not.

In such an economic downturn, where nobody is even getting a job, how could someone give you anything for free espec...
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Logo Psd Vs Logo Bmp

Posted by Logo Design on Wednesday, May 4, 2011,
What happened when you last drew your logo design image on a bitmap?

Obviously you ended up on nothing… that happens when:

1-One doesn’t know what are the basics of logo designing
2-One doesn’t know which software he/she should use to get his brand mark identity

You are new fish in this business world; therefore, you don’t want to spend your money on this little piece of graphical representation. You want to get it done on your own, at first, you thought of bitmap but all you hard work w...
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