A car wash advertising tool created for the business-to-business financial records. The SWIPE-N-CLEAN has an exclusive method of advertising to business financial records.

Quick Card

Identical to the MAIL-A-CARD agenda, the Quick Card is essentially the identical direct mail program, but you provide the database. The other dissimilarity is that you only have to buy a least amount of 1500 postcards. Because this program is on a lesser scale, it’s quicker to get out, therefore the name, Quick Card. If you do not have a file, nevertheless, we can contain that for a small charge. This program is ideal for test advertising and cyclic promotions.

Promo Card 

Wonderful for any financial plan, the Promo Card is the key for keeping your car wash name renowned and branding your place. Because the price for this is so inexpensive, you can manage promotions throughout the year. The Promo Card is a business-size card imprinted in satiated color. You can employ single coding, random coding or no code in any way. The Promo Card is rapidly designed by our Graphic Design Sector with your car wash logo design, advertising and codes. The minimum amount is 1500. The Promo Card works good for fundraisers, quick promotions, cyclic promotions and co-op programs for example Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and more. Great opportunities also advantage from the Promo Card. This card cannot be sent automatically because of it’s dimension, but it can be handed out. You can also employ the Promo Card for co-oping with native companies, but we suggest promoting a “low-priced” car wash rather than a “free of charge” car wash.

Frequent Car Wash Club

An excellent advertising tool for making a record for your car wash. The SWIPE-N-CLEAN machinery also brings excitement in making your personal frequent car wash club and/or prizes program. Only entering a 6-digit code, the client can have the opportunity of a car wash club association.